Helpscout is great. We use it every working day

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Connecting to the NEW Helpscout Account

To connect to your New Helpscout account:

  1.  In eazyBI open "Source Data" page, select "Helpscout" source application, choose a name for the data cube, and click "Create".

  2.  Select the version of your Helpscout account (“New”), and click “Continue”.  You will be redirected to the Helpscout authorization page.

  3. To authorize eazyBI to import your Helpscout account data, you will need to provide your user credentials.

  4. Congratulations, you are done!

When eazyBI is authorized, it will automatically import new Helspcout data every day, using the same authorized access.

Report and Dashboard Examples

To import these reports into your account:

  1. Import definitions not reports!

How to export and import report definitions?