Getting Started

eazyBI is a powerful tool, providing easy-to-use drag-and-drop creation of custom reports, charts, and dashboard gadgets. Import your data from excel, CSV file, Google Spreadsheets or using REST API, or SQL select. Visualize, and analyze all your data using many chart types and share reports with your coworkers.

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1 Set Up & Administer

This section is mainly for account administrators.

First of all Create new account and then Add new source application to create data cube and start using eazyBI.

To manage which users can see dashboards or edit reports, go to User tab.


2 Import Data

This section is mainly for eazyBI data admins.

Go to Source Data tab and select data import from SQL SELECTREST API, Google Spreadhseet, Excel file, or some source system.


3 Analyze & Visualize

This section is mainly for eazyBI users.

After importing data from source system or file, go to Analyze tab and start to explore data by creating new report. It would be important to understand what are measures and dimensions before you start creating eazyBI reports.


4 Publish Reports 

This section is mainly for eazyBI users.

Share reports with your colleagues by publishing them in eazyBI Dashboard, WEB page, or Jira and Confluence.


Understand eazyBI Terms and Concepts

Using eazyBI you will encounter specific terms and concepts:

Measure, Dimension, Property, Member, Hierarchy, Cube, Account, eazyBI User.